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Because of the Affordable Care Act, many more people can now get affordable health insurance. No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point.

Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical costs. Also, if you have insurance you to don't have to pay the fee that is charged to many people who don't have coverage.

Families First is here to help New Hampshire residents understand their options and enroll; call the number above or email us. (Maine residents should call York County Community Action at 800-965-5762.)

This chart will give you an idea of your options for insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

in your

Health Insurance Marketplace
Also known as Obamacare — offers reduced monthly premiums if your household income is in the range below. You may also qualify for extra help with deductibles and copays. Learn more about the Marketplace
NH Health Protection Program
Also known as Expanded Medicaid — offers free coverage for eligible adults ages 19-64 whose annual household income is less than the amounts below.
Learn more about the NHHPP
$11,770 – $47,080


$15,930 - $63,720
$20,090 - $80,360
$24,250 - $97,000
$28,410 - $113,640
  Both programs help pay for regular checkups, prescription drugs, ER visits, hospital stays, specialist visits, and mental health and substance abuse services.

Note: Even if you don't see your household income on the chart above, you or your children may be eligible for other types of Medicaid coverage, with managed care through NH Healthy Families or Well Sense Health Plan. Click for more information. This Managed Care Organization Plan Selection Worksheet may help you.

For your free enrollment appointment, send an email or call Elaine at 603-422-8208 (press 8). Please include your full name and phone number.

NH HEALTH PROTECTION PROGRAM (a.k.a. "Expanded Medicaid")

This program is for adults (ages 19-64) residing in New Hampshire whose incomes are below certain levels (see chart above). Once enrolled, you will pay little or nothing for your medical appointments at Families First, specialty care, hospital services, prescriptions, blood work and other tests!

If you are asked to pick a Medicaid plan, be sure to act promptly to select a plan that includes the providers you see and the medications you use. If you need help, ask us. This Marketplace PAP Plan Selection Worksheet may help you.

Don’t forget: For your free enrollment appointment, send an email, or call Elaine at 603-422-8208 (press 8). Please leave your full name and phone number.

Information to have ready for each household member:

  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Documentation of income for the last 30 days (pay stubs, Social Security letters, etc.)
  • Most recent tax returns (if any)
  • All employers' names, addresses and phone numbers
  • Information on any health insurance that is available through work to anyone in your household (even if you don’t take the insurance). Include insurance company name(s) and policy number(s).
  • Immigration documents (if applicable)

For more information on the New Hampshire Health Protection program:


Although open enrollment for 2016 ended on January 31st, New Hampshire consumers may still be able to sign up for health care coverage through special enrollment periods, for instance loss of Medicaid or other coverage, or a change in your household size. We can help you figure out if you are eligible. Call us today.

If you are eligible for the special enrollment period, please continue.

To Get Started
1) Prepare your 2016 income estimate. Write down how you did it!
2) If you have a household member who has access to insurance at work, complete this employer coverage tool.
3) Use the online shopping tool to see what plans you might buy and compare coverage details and costs.

If keeping your current doctors is important to you, call your doctors and ask them which of the Marketplace insurance plans they accept. Families First is in-network for Ambetter (from New Hampshire Healthy Families), Anthem, Community Health Options, Minuteman and both Harvard Pilgrim plans. This Marketplace Plan Selection Worksheet may help you.

If a particular hospital is important to you, this chart shows which plans the Seacoast-area hospitals accept:

Health Insurance Marketplace Plans Accepted by Seacoast-Area Hospitals

Ambetter from NH Healthy Families
Harvard Pilgrim Elevate Health

NH Network

Community Health Options
not currently accepting new members

Minuteman Health
NH Seacoast Hospitals (Source: NH Insurance Department (click for complete NH list)
Frisbie Memorial
Portsmouth Regional
Contract pending
Maine and Massachusetts Hospitals
Anna Jacques
Merrimack Valley

Information to have ready for each household member:

  • Your written estimate of household income for 2016 and how you calculated it
  • A completed Employer Coverage Tool for every job-based plan for which you or someone in your household is eligible (even if you don't take the insurance).
  • Immigration documents (if applicable)
  • Income information for every member of your household (most recent tax returns, pay stubs, Social Security letters, etc.)
  • Home and mailing addresses for everyone applying for coverage
  • Dates of birth
  • Social Security numbers
  • Employers’ names, addresses and phone numbers
  • Notices from your current plan that include your plan ID#, if you had Marketplace insurance in 2015
  • If you have email, make sure you know your email address and password.

For more information on the Health Insurance Marketplace:

  • Visit or contact the call center, which is open 24/7,
    at 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325)